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Sublime Text 2 fedora manual install

Ok, here is my trick. Nothing serious, just some additional preferences.
Download original file from developer site.
Move directory to /opt

 sudo mv Sublime\ Text\ 2 /opt/sublime2  

Lets check it:

 cd /opt/sublime2 


Next is /usr/bin sublime file:

 touch /usr/bin/sublime 

 chmod 755 /usr/bin/sublime  

Lets edit it to start sublime from /opt directory:

 gedit /usr/bin/sublime  

Add these lines to /usr/bin/sublime file:


 export SUBLIME_HOME="/opt/sublime2" 


 $SUBLIME_HOME/sublime_text $*  

Thats good. Now sublime command should work from terminal.
Next is .desctop file:

 sublime /usr/share/applications/sublime.desktop  

You should paste these lines:

 [Desktop Entry] 



 Comment=Sublime Text Editor 

 Exec=sublime %U 







Finish. System restart and logout are not necessarily.

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